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Thanks to a high-quality sound system, with a 100-volt broadcast system that allows the transmission of long-distance audio signals without loss of quality, GlobalSon intervenes in the sound of your events (fairs, markets, cultural and sports events, , Brochures, inaugurations, votive festivals, commercial events, etc.) in all types of places, villages, streets, courts, squares, exhibition halls,

We intervene during soundproofing in the Vaucluse, Gard, Drôme and Ardèche.

A quality sound system must guarantee several specific points:

  • A quality and a good distribution of the sound on the whole place sound, with a reliability of the installation.
  • Respect for local residents.
  • The quality of the musical atmosphere.
  • A good intelligibility of your moderator.

It is for all these reasons that entrusting us your service, all these constraints will be respected during a customized definition of your specifications.

We are already offering you quality material to ensure a pleasant and festive but nevertheless professional sound and animation, for the visitors as for the participants and exhibitors, while diffusing music and communication advertising.

We also provide micro animation of these services in the Vaucluse, Gard, Drôme and Ardèche.

Looking for a technical partner for a live performance, to enhance a work on stage or in another space?
You are a producer, an organizer, a cultural operator, you are part of an association, a cultural service and you are looking for a professional and reliable partner to implement your event.
From conception to realization, GLOBALSON offers you a set of technical and creative services.
Stage lighting, stage lighting, sound, editing, control, decoration, machinery ... Tell us about your project!

Whatever the nature of the scene: Festival, theater, tourist site, congress center, company, workshop, sports hall and festivals, exhibition hall, interiors and exteriors, outdoor and large spaces ...

  • From creation to implementation
  • Analysis of your request and reflection on the creative ways
  • Creation and writing of the specifications of your event during preparatory meetings.
  • On-site tracking,
  • Artistic and technical recommendations, ...
  • Coordination of teams (director, sound, light, etc.)
  • Compliance with the specifications.
  • Technical and artistic realization for all or part of your event.

Very in vogue for some years, your sport this decline in version FLUO. Practiced in general during the winter (night falls faster), the aim being to plunge your gym into total darkness. Thanks to spotlights diffusing a light FLUO we bring to light all your gymnasium. Some FLUO accessories (jumpers, body painting, bracelets, balloon, delimitation of the ground, filtes ..), a musical background that will confuse all your senses, the turn is played !!

Good humor, smile and obligatory laughter :))

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