Our philosophy:

Because this is a day which will always be remembered as a unique and special moment in your life, let us make things easier for you by taking charge of all of your wedding reception's musical entertainment.

We work with you months in advance to organise your event (playlist, choice of tracks which will punctuate the evening...), you will be in constant contact with our staff.

The key to the success of your event will be its effective organisation and timing. For this we can work together to plan your evening (what time you arrive at the reception venue, the tracks you absolutely want to hear, styles of music to avoid...) as well as managing any "surprises" that your guests might want to spring on you (slide-shows, dances...). Nothing will be left to chance on the big day!

Your suitably dressed DJ will be a constant but discreet presence throughout the evening, able to manage the entertainment that you have chosen (no unwanted interventions, publicity, etc.).

The PREMIUM KIT package

This is a KIT which has been specially designed for marriages, it includes:

  • PA system for the reception drinks
  • PA system for the dance-floor.
  • lighting system for the dance-floor.
  • presence of a video-projector and screen (+ 1 wireless microphone).

No time restrictions.

This will ensure you have everything you need.

Description of equipment provided:

  • for the reception drinks PA system: 2 discreet loudspeakers for effective and sober sound distribution.
  • for the dance-floor PA system: we have a number of different PA systems to suit different types of reception venues, we will provide the most suitable.
  • for the dance-floor lighting system: 2 back-lit Lycra covered totems (in the colour of your choice) with 4 moving head LED pars and 2 double beam moving heads.
  • a video projector for any videos or slide-shows.
  • a wireless microphone.

Other available options

We can also provide a number of other options:


  • additional loudspeakers: for the reception drink, the Premium Kit already includes 2 which is enough for up to 100 guests, if there are more it is advisable to add further loudspeakers for a more effective amplification.
  • additional loudspeakers for the reception hall (for longer halls, to ensure that your speech is fully audible to everyone present).
  • sub-woofer (if your reception party is to be held outside).

Ambient lighting

  • The classic uplight, is a light which we can fit with coloured filters (your choice of colour), these light up the walls of your reception venue.
  • The LED uplight, this is a wireless light which is managed by our DMX console (digital link-up between equipment and a PC), this can then be installed anywhere inside your reception venue, the lighting colours can be varied to suit the atmosphere and your requirements (changing colours, strobe effect).

Lighting system for the dance-floor

  • Additional totems, (only provided in pairs), fitted with scans, lasers, strobes, etc.

 The live mix

  • To add a touch of style to the reception drink or for late breakfast the day after, our Technics MK2 turntables have been fitted into an antique furniture unit! Your DJ will "play" live with real vinyl records: Jazz, Soul, Funk or Deep House.

Under table lighting

  • Amaze your guests with specially adapted under table lighting which will add a further touch of colour to your event.
  • These fully autonomous, wireless units provide a personalised touch of class to your ambient lighting. We can diffuse a wide range of colours from these spotlights. They are remotely controlled by WIFI and can also change colour during the evening or provide a strobe effect.

Lighting chains

  • Ideal for outside, interiors or inside a marquee, for a stylish but folky effect whilst also ensuring a discreet and subtle illumination.


Depending on the package or options you choose, set-up time may vary significantly.

Allow around 2 hours for the Premium Kit for example. Either way on the big day our DJ will have installed, prepared and tested all of the equipment an hour and a half before your first guests are due to arrive.

Marriage reception hosted by Globalson at the "Château de Barrenques"